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Tamar Care Services Southwest Ltd 

Your family-run, independent, quality care & support service covering Plymouth & SE Cornwall


Meet the 'Tamar Care Services' Team

Owner & Registered Manager: Kerry Fearnley Bsc DipSocSci RMA

I have worked in the health and social care sector in Plymouth for a number of years now within residential and domiciliary care for both private companies and national ones. Prior to this, I worked for social services in Dorset as part of their community mental health team.

I have always believed that quality care should be something that is available to everyone and in order to really achieve that, I realised that I needed to own and manage my own company.

Along with many years experience of managing other care companies, I also have my RMA (registered manager's award) for care services.  I am also an avid supporter of lifelong learning. I believe that you should never stop learning and have myself been a member of the Open University since my youth! I am currently studying towards my MSc in Psychology, but as this is in my 'free time' it is a slow process!

I support all of the team here to be the best that they can be - all of us are qualified first aiders, dignity champions, dementia friends and champions and all of us enjoy learning new skills and improving on existing ones.

I myself hold a special interest in elderly care, especially dementia and diabetes care. I am a 'dementia friend' and a 'dementia champion' and I and my family get involved in local support groups that aim to raise awareness and give support to those with, and those caring for someone with dementia.

As well as being invited to judge for 'The Great British Care Awards' 2013, I am also extremely proud to be a member of the national & locally run My Home Life group, having successfully completed their 18 month management and leadership course that promotes quality of care for all those that live and work within the care sector.

I was also part of the initial steering group for 'Healthwatch Plymouth', participated in our local NHS inititive for improving patient discharges from hospital and also have been asked to speak at local and national care events about what quality care really looks like.

Tamar Care Services has also received an award as 'Best Home Care Company in SW England' through GHP  healthcare's annual awards - this was through private nominations received so we are all extremely proud to have received this.

Along the way, I have had the pleasure to work with some pretty wonderful people that also shared the same belief in what quality care really is all about, and so along with my own family, we started Tamar Care Services.

The office team at Tamar Care Services consists of Kerry , David, Sarah, Carmen and Carrie. 

Tamar Care Services is rated as GOOD in all areas by the Care Quality Commission (June 2017)

John is Kerry's partner in work and home life. He is also a director for Tamar Care Services SW Ltd and takes an active involvement in the day to day running of the service. John, like Kerry and the rest of the team are committed to providing a level of service that is second to none and what we would want for our own families.

John is often out and about visiting clients and taking an interest in how they find our service and what we can do to make it even better.

IT and Systems Consultant: Chris Fearnley BSc
Chris, Kerry's eldest son, achieved a 1st class honours degree in Chemistry before choosing to work in IT for the Royal Air Force for six years. He achieved promotion to the rank of Corporal and served abroad as well as at home,  but chose to leave in November 2013 in order to pursue his life-long dream of travelling around Europe, taking in historical sights such as The Colloseum in Rome, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and The Berlin Wall. Having returned to the UK, Chris is now providing IT and website design support to Tamar Care Services.
Chris' biggest passion in life is skiing in the French Alps. He also enjoys the Formula 1 motor racing and playing cricket for his local village team on a Sunday afternoon. Chris is a keen Plymouth Argyle FC supporter and can often be found cheering the team on.

Health & Safety Consultant: Sharon Key
Sharon, Chris' wife, holds a NEBOSH diploma in Health & Safety, the industry gold standard, and has been working in various H&S positions since the age of 16. She has risen through the ranks, gaining regular promotions, as a result of her passion and success for ensuring people remain safe. Sharon now provides H&S consultancy to Tamar Care Services.
Sharon is a keen snowboarder and enjoys watching the Formula 1 motor racing. She also adores walking in the Peak District and has a passion for caring for cats and donkeys that have been rescued. Sharon can also be found working on the family farm and teaching Chris about the animals.

David is our office manager. David comes to us from a major high street chain where he was an assistant manager.

David is currently taking his health and social care management qualifications with us and hopes to progress into care management in the next couple of years.

David likes motorbikes, gardening and is a dab hand at anything technical.

Carmen works in the office alongside Kerry, John,  David and our supervisors. She is currently undertaking her Business Administration Level 2 qualifications and is a real asset to the team. She is a very fast learner, a quick typist and only needs to be shown something once!
When Carmen is not in the office with us, she likes to spend time with her friends and family, volunteers at a local charity shop, works with the girls & boys brigade and enjoys watching 'Game of Thrones' and 'Poldark'.
** September 2018 - Carmen has completed her level 2 in business administration and has started her level 3 with us **

Sarah is our care coordinator and has the unenviable task of sorting out our team and client rotas.

Sarah is a local lady with a young family and a background in health and social care.

Sarah enjoys being out and about meeting our clients as well as being a huge asset to our office team.

Sarah wishes to progress with her qualifications and hopes to manage her own care service in the future.

Janet (Supervisor for Saltash) is one of our full time care and support workers in Plymouth and SE Cornwall. She, like the rest of our excellent team, is driven to provide a service that is second to none. Janet is a patient and understanding lady that has many years experience in this role and also holds her NVQ 2 in health & social care and has recently completed her level 3 with us. Janet has worked in many fields within care including dementia, autism, mental health and end of life.  Janet is looking forward to finally being with a company that appreciates what she does and supports her to be the best that she can be - we are very fortunate to have her on our team.
                                          Janet is now working on her 'Team Leader' qualification with us.
Ross (Supervisor for Plymouth)  can be found buzzing around the streets of Plymouth and Saltash and the country lanes of Cornwall on his motorbike. Ross is an experienced care and support worker, having worked in adult social care for a number of years now. Ross already has his QCF level 2 and is currently undertaking some of our mental health and end of life training and will be starting a higher level of health and social care training shortly. Ross is already proving to be popular amongst our clients.
We are pleased to have sponsored Ross with his driving tuition so as he can trade his two wheels in for four before winter. Ross has also just proposed to the 'girl of his dreams' and will be making wedding plans in the near future.

Tara is a practical and caring lady who originally trained to work with children before deciding that elderly care was where she really wanted to be.

Tara has a young family of her own (which is due to grow by January 2019) and her husband serves for our Royal Navy.

Tara is always on the go and never stays still for a minute! We are not sure where she gets her energy from but we'd all like some of it.

Tara is currently studying for her QCF level 2 with us.

Jess lives and works around the Saltash area. She supports many of our clients with their day to day needs and wishes and assists them to live their lives as they choose. Jess is a calm and patient lady who has a young family of her own and is looking forward to obtaining more formal qualifications with us. October 2017 - Jess  completed her Care Certificate and will shortly be embarking on her QCF level 2 with us.

Josie (Supervisor for Plymouth)  has years of experience working with people of all ages and abilities. She is a very calm lady with an 'unflappable' nature, a dab hand at anything practical and DIY related and she is also a Nanna - which is hard to believe. Josie also has a passion for anything 'elephant' related.
Kerry and Josie have worked together before and we feel very fortunate to have her with us now. Josie is very popular amongst our clients for her naturally calming character.
Josie is working hard on her QCF level 3 with us and will be developing in her role as our Supervisor in the Plymouth area.
Josie is currently training with Plymouth City Council on their 'Dignity Champions' initiative and is Tamar Care Services own Dignity Champion.

Neil has joined the 'man team' here at Tamar Care as a supervisor. He is a very experienced young man with his level 5 in health and social care.

Neil is very popular amongst both our male and female clients who enjoy his sense of humour and expertise.

Neil likes to walk his dogs and spend time with his family when he is not working with us.

Neil was our 'employee of the month' for November 2018 for his hard work and commitment, his sense of humour and his help to our new team members.

Helen is an experienced support worker and has worked in elderly care for a number of years.
Helen lives in the Saltash area and will be predominantly assisting our clients in that area.
She is a very calm and patient lady who, in her spare time, enjoys being with her daughter and her granddaughter.
Helen has her level 3 in Health & Social Care.
Helens' daughter also works with us all - but we will let you work out who that is - there is a family resemblance!
Graham is a gent that was new to care and was recommended to join us as being a company that values life experience as much as health & social care experience. Graham was in our armed forces for some years and now that he is in 'Civvy Street' he wanted something different but rewarding.
Graham completed his care certificate with us a couple of months ago and is already progressing with his QCF level 2. 
Along with our other male support workers he is proving very popular with our male clients who appreciate his 'attention to detail as well as his calm nature'.
** Graham has been nominated to be our Care Ambassador** and is looking forward to working with Plymouth City Council and other care providers in promoting health and social care as a long term career goal.
Graham shared our Employee of the Month award with Sarah in June 2018 
We were pleased to sponsor Graham for his CBT motorcycle training and to get him on the road!

Carrie had been working for another local company for a number of years and lives in SE Cornwall. Carrie already holds her Health & Social Care Level 2 and is now working towards her level 3 before wishing to progress further.

Carrie has a young family herself and so enjoys the flexibility that our work offers .

Carrie is already proving very popular amongst our clients for her experience, compassion and caring nature.

Since earlier this year Carrie also works in the office alongside Kerry, Dave, Sarah and Carmen.

Sarah joined us in March 2018 and is a very experienced support worker.

Sarah will be working alongside our team and meeting our clients over the next few weeks as well as updating her already vast skills.

Sarah is a very good cook and enjoys cooking, being with her family and her pet Chihuahua (that has his own rain mac!).

Sarah likes to help people to live their lives as independently as possible.

Sarah shared our 'Employee of the Month' award in June 2018 with Graham.

Sarah has started her QCF level 2 in Health & Social Care with us.

Samantha joined us after taking some time out to travel the world and to help with some overseas charity work.

Having worked for a major telecommunications company for 13 years, she decided that she needed to do something a little more rewarding.

Samantha's mum works for us also and we will let you figure that one out!

Ann-Marie joined us in October this year,  looking to return to a worthwhile and rewarding career after bringing up her family.

Ann-Marie is getting to know our clients mainly in the Plymouth area and working alongside our team to gain her qualifications.

Leah joined us in 2017 as an experienced support worker.

Leah will be mainly working with our clients in Saltash and Plymouth.

Leah is qualified to level 3 in health and social care and is looking to progress further.

More to follow on Leah shortly.

Christine came into this line of work from a very young age when she used to enjoy helping out at her local residential home as a child. Having experienced first hand what it means to care for loved ones who are poorly, Christine knew that a career in care was where she wanted to be, saying that her greatest satisfaction is knowing that she made a difference to that person's day.

We are really fortunate to have such an experienced and committed lady on our own team.

In her rare free time, Christine enjoys travelling to other cultures, a good meal out with friends and family and spending time with her beautiful grandchildren.

Michael - Michael is the latest addition to our excellent 'man team' at Tamar Care Services. He has been working alongside Ross, Graham and James and getting to know our clients.

Mike is a calm and conscientious gent who is currently undertaking our own training courses before progressing onto his QCF.

NEWS FLASH - Michael has just become a 'daddy' (September 2018)

Nicola - is a quiet, calm and practical lady that spent many years working in one of our local libraries before it closed and she sought a new direction in her life.

Nicola supports many of our clients in the Plymouth area and is currently working on her health and social care qualifications with our trainer, Vicky and our outside trainers.

Nicola enjoys nature and the outdoors and travelling the world to other cultures and has many an interesting a tale about the places that she has visited.

Jade has started her career in health and social care with us and that makes us very lucky indeed.

Jade originally trained as a hairdresser, which always comes in handy and makes you popular with friends and family.

Jade is currently getting to know everyone and working on her care certificate training with us and is about to start her QCF level 2 in Health & Social Care.

* April 2019 - care certificate completed and nearly done with the level 2 also - Jade is a sponge for learning.

Richard is another member of our amazing 'man team'.

Richard was introduced to us by another member of staff, who felt that Richard had what it takes to join our team - and we agree.

Although Richard is quite new to this line of work, we recognise that characteristics such as patience, kindness and a good heart can sometimes go a lot further than all the written qualifications in the world.

Richard is currently training with us in some essential skills.

Kathryn has recently joined us (November 2018) and we are very lucky to have her.

Kathryn is a hugely experienced care and support worker and is currently  out and about getting to know everyone.

More to follow on Kathryn soon.

* Kathryn has been promoted as a supervisor for the Plymouth area - April 2019.

Neil - Plymouth supervisor receiving his 'Employee of the Month' award for November 2018.

Neil has not been with us very long but is a very committed and hard working chap who has helped our new staff immensely and is well respected by all of his colleagues.

He doesn't make a bad cup of coffee either and is often helping everyone in the office.

Alzheimer's Memory Walk - Plymouth Hoe - Saturday 10th October 2016
Many of our team were out and about with our clients that morning but Sharon, Sherry, John, Kerry and Rob dusted off their walking boots and 'walked for a world without dementia' . Between the whole of our team and the excellent support that we received, we raised in excess of £150.00 for
Alzheimer's Memory Walk - Plymouth Hoe - Saturday 10th October 2016
Sherry & Sharon with hundreds of others enjoying (?) the pre-walk Zumba warm up session prior to the Memory Walk.
Thankfully the weather stayed kind to us all and we enjoyed the walk around the beautiful Plymouth Hoe. The 'after walk' ale at a local watering hole was also gratefully received!

This could be you - loving your job as much as we all do! If you have the same passion and commitment to providing the very best quality of care, why not get in touch with us and see about joining our team?

We are always on the lookout for other like minded, professional and caring people. We can offer you an excellent rate of pay, continuous paid development and training, free uniform and DBS checks and the chance to work for a family owned and managed company that really does appreciate and care about you!

Jim can often be found under the desk at our offices - usually with a good supply of bones, blankets and chewed up toys.
Jim is 17years young and enjoys the warmth of a warm office and prefers a little lunch from the local bakery (although he usually gets dog biscuits!).
At the weekends he can be found on Portwinkle beach - gathering wood for the fire or chasing the seagulls.