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Time flies!

Posted on 15 September, 2019 at 8:50 Comments comments (0)
We cannot believe how quickly time has passed since our last entry! So, what's been happening? We bought a minibus at the beginning of the summer as so many of our clients had said that they were feeling lonely, missed getting out and about and needed a little extra hand to do so. We do it as a 'not for profit' and in our own time and we have had some lovely outings. Because it is in our own time, they are not as often as we would like - ideally, we would love to do them weekly, but we are still quite a relatively small company compared to others - and that's the way we like it! We have been joined by some fantastic new staff - people that are just as committed as we are. We always take recruitment slow and choose the right person - we are in no hurry to grow our client base until we have the right people come through the door. We have been getting our team signed up for their further qualifications - the ideal is to have everyone at least QCF level 2 qualified and we are getting there. On a personal note - my dear old pop passed away a couple of years ago now and mother has the idea that it would be lovely to all live together - so John can do the windows, gardening and odd jobs and I can cook and clean and take her out everyday :-) - we are looking at properties that would house us all (and the dogs!) but our 'job descriptions' may need to change a little. Currently we live 'the other side of the water' and it does make sense to move nearer work and lose the hour's commute each way every day (and longer if the ferry service is having problems, as it usually does). And of course we have Christmas coming up again soon - so lots of staff and rota planning to do, a party to organise again and some mini bus trips to Christmas markets and local festive events.

Christmas Party

Posted on 25 November, 2018 at 13:05 Comments comments (0)
We are holding a Christmas get together for our team, clients and their families on 20th December 2018 at our lovely new offices. We guarentee mince pies and Christmas cake, good company and a glass of fizz. Still trying to find a willing Santa and some elves - both dogs are in training for pulling a sledge (a very small one due to their breed and reluctance!) Our 'man team' are also showing some signs of reluctance to wear elf costumes. Still looking for suitable music and/or entertainment having declined the offers of a 'belly dancing class', my mother on the spoons and John with his very basic guitar skills. But all will come good in the end!

Personal Development

Posted on 22 July, 2018 at 9:50 Comments comments (0)
Each year we have a little fund that will assist some of our staff in areas that may not be strictly work related. At the moment, the same as last year, we will be sponsoring one of our staff team to have their driving lessons. My dad used to be a driving instructor and spent countless hours teaching me to parallel park and reverse - which probably contributed to his high blood pressure and heart problems in later life - and if he was still with us I am sure he would be giving lots of advice to our team as they start their own motoring experiences. I am thinking of making this a permanent development fund called 'The Brian Davis Fund' in honour of my pop...??? So, this year we are offering the same. Driving lessons for a team member to get them that leg up into motoring. It keeps them safer, it opens up a world of opportunity, freedom and experience and helps them and us with travelling to our clients. We have already received a couple of applications and will be announcing the successful candidate soon.

The Inspection

Posted on 26 April, 2018 at 0:55 Comments comments (0)
Inspections are always a little nerve racking as this is 'your baby' that's about to have a critical eye cast over it. This was no exception and the results are now back. Although we have a few issues to improve on, on the whole is was a very fair and helpful report from the quality team at Cornwall Council. We do need to update a few areas of our paperwork and we have thought of better ways of doing things in some areas thanks to our inspector's experience and wisdom. A fresh pair of eyes was extremely helpful and we have already completed the recommendations. Extremely proud of our team who make us what we are today!

A little update

Posted on 12 April, 2018 at 2:25 Comments comments (0)
Yes its been a while! Sadly my dear old pop passed away a couple of months back and I was rather a busy bee. The ladies in the office at Tamar Care took the helm for a couple of days so as I could spend some time not getting dressed and having a good cry. My dad was my best friend and would be constantly burdened with my daily woes and life's little problems, to which he always had some words of wisdom. My dad was also on the receiving end of our support - having to work all day myself some of our team would pop in and check on him and he was fond of them all - and vice versa. So it was comforting to know that my grief was shared. All in all it was a difficult time for us as a family as it is for anyone when they lose someone special. Other news: We have just had our Cornwall Council service inspection and eagerly await the results of that, we have a couple more lovely ladies joining our team and we survived the snow relatively unscathed with mainly no change to our service. The team battled on regardless - walking to our more vulnerable clients where necessary and helping each other by car sharing and swapping to clients that were nearer to home for them. The office team worked from home, ringing clients to check that they were warm and well and co-ordinating the staffing team - it was no easy feat but we did it together. I'm still getting over the fact that we even had snow in this part of the country! Its very common on the moors but the city centre is unheard of, other than a little flurry now and then in February. Well, that's it for now - more to follow soon and I must go and catch a ferry and get to work. It would not do for the boss to be late!

CQC Inspection

Posted on 1 August, 2017 at 9:25 Comments comments (0)


 The long awaited CQC inspection recently took place.

I must say that I have never dreaded these inspections and this one was no different, even with this being my own company. I have been waiting for one for over a year and was really pleased to hear on the Friday that by Monday morning our inspector would be with us for a few days.

It all went really well and there were a few welcome suggestions for improvement, which we have already implemented, but thanks to the team work of everyone here we passed with flying colours.

We have been rated 'GOOD' in all areas so everyone was really pleased.

A glass or two of fizz was raised and we are planning a little get together for the team to celebrate and to say thank you for all their hard work and commitment.

Happy Birthday to us!

Posted on 14 April, 2017 at 2:40 Comments comments (0)
Hard to believe but we reach the grand old age of 2 this April 2017. With huge thanks and appreciation to our wonderful team who are the reason for our success, we will be celebrating with a little get together and a few bottles of something fizzy. It has truly been an amazing two years and our reputation for providing a great service continues to spread. I can remember on our first inspection with CQC - for our registration, saying that I would be so happy to have just 5 clients by the end of month 3. Well we tripled that figure! On a daily basis we receive compliments from clients and their families, social workers, staff members, other health care professionals and have countless phone-calls requiring our services - and most through word of mouth. Here's to the next two years!

Professional boundaries

Posted on 3 October, 2015 at 9:20 Comments comments (1)

Myself and the team have recently had the great honour to get to know a wonderful family whilst we supported their father/husband/friend at the end of his life. We only knew this gentleman for a few short weeks, who's wish was to return home from hospital and to be amongst those that knew and loved him. Life had been quite cruel to him and his family over the last few months - he retired to our beautiful Cornwall in order to spend time with his wife, children and grandchildren having worked hard at a job he loved for many years. Almost immediately following this move, he was taken poorly and their time together was cut cruely short by his illness.

In the short time that we got to know this amazing family - they showed such strength as a family unit and all worked together to ensure that their father/husband had the best care possible. They filled the home with laughter, children playing and made sure that he was aware of their prescence. Sadly they lost their husband, father and friend just this last week and we felt the loss too. We stood with them to say a final 'goodbye' and we shed tears with them too.

I am not ashamed to say that we have also felt the loss deeply - those of the team that spent alot of time with this gentleman and his family also feel the grief and loss. I can say that they have not left my thoughts for very long , that I have found myself in tears on quite a few occasions and that I was very attached to this man that we cared for. Although I fully understand the concept of 'professional boundaries' and 'keeping a professional distance' - I dont feel that being a detached robot would make me a better carer.

Now and then you meet people that really do leave footprints in the heart - Rest in Peace Now 'B'.

Welcome Diane!

Posted on 19 July, 2015 at 6:10 Comments comments (0)

Really pleased to welcome another excellent member to our team! Diane and I have worked together in various places over the years and we are so pleased to have her on board. Diane is one of those rare people that has that natural caring ability. Here's to a long and happy relationship :D

Positive feedback

Posted on 19 June, 2015 at 13:35 Comments comments (0)

We keep a record of all the lovely things that people say about the team here at Tamar Care Services and this week has been amazing. We have had such positive comments from the Early Intervention Team, brokerage and clients and family members themselves - we know we provide an excellent service and the good word is spreading far and wide! Treating the staffing team to ice creams in the park next week and our clients to a cream tea. Fingers crossed that the good weather holds!